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Iosif Popovic, Dialectele Romåne din Istria (Halle, 1909)


Images courtesy of unnamed sources and members of Decebal.it

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  • Popovici, Josif. Dialecte romīne. Dialectele romīne din Istria. Texte şi glosar. Volumul IX. Partea a 2a. Editura autorului Halle A.D.S., 1909.
  • Biography - http://acrostih.holisun.com/nr_3/corespondente.php

A personal note:

  • Marica Scrobe of Susnjevica, pictured in 1909 in the top left photograph above, bears a strong resemblance to my mother Giovanna Iurman (m. Ciceran), likewise of Susnjevica/Noselo and whose known cousins include the Scrobe clan) whe she was young (she was born in 1923). Also, mom's maternal grandmother was Giovanna Cvecich lu Zure (m. Sabirsek), probably related to the two gentlemen in the last photograph.

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